Wise Yoga

for your well-Being™


Wise Yoga is owned and operated in San Jose, California by Divya Love Lori Wise and serves the surrounding Bay Area by providing,

  1. BulletChair Yoga for Seniors

  1. BulletPrivate Yoga Lessons

  1. BulletSpiritual Counseling Services

  1. BulletPrivate Therapeutic Yoga

Divya Love also teaches Yoga Fundamentals, Yoga for the Chakras and Yoga for Arthritis at the Ananda Yoga Center in Palo Alto, California.

“Every object and being in the universe is a jar
overflowing with wisdom and beauty.”

Welcome to wise yoga

By regularly participating in gentle, yet effective yoga postures and breathing exercises, one can experience:

  1. Bulletincreased flexibility, balance & energy

  2. Bulletgreater strength and stamina

  3. Bulletreduced stress

  4. Bulletimprovement in blood circulation

  5. Bulletincreased mental clarity & memory

  6. Bulletand most importantly, a greater sense of overall peace and well-Being